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Stub Tuners

Sylatech supply stub tuners for laboratory and advanced physics applications. We offer double and triple stub tuners and can also offer high precision motor control. Contact our sales team to discuss your requirements for advice on the best possible solution for your application. Our sales team will be happy to discuss your requirements. [...]

Feedhorns & Networks

Sylatech’s designs incorporate the latest in design technology to create feed horns for front-end parabolic antennas. Used in satellite communication applications, our products are well proven and adaptable. Feeds are available in single and dual-bands with dual polarizations. Linear (V/H) or circular polarization (RHCP/LHCP) can be provided upon request. Additionally, feeds can be provided with switchable polarizations, either right [...]

Sidewall and Topwall Couplers

Sidewall and top wall couplers are two pieces of coplanar waveguide adjacent to each other which have had slots cut in the mutual wall. When the coupling value of these is set to 3dB they are described as hybrid couplers as there is no coupling variation over the band at this value. Sylatech’s sidewall and [...]

Directional Coupler

Directional couplers have the coupling line parallel to the main line and are typically connected broad wall  to broad wall. They are usually offered as a 3 port device, with an internal matched load at port 4, nullifying signal from port 2  to 4. Sylatech’s High Directivity couplers are suitable for applications involving reflectometry, signal [...]


Sylatech’s crossguide couplers are suitable for applications requiring coupling across large bandwidths. We offer a range of standard devices for waveguide sizes ranging from WG10 to WG23 (WR284 to WR22). Typical designs have coupling values of 30dB or 40dB coupling variation over band (CVOB) of +/- 0.5 dB (15% bandwidth) and directivity greater than 25dB. [...]


Our OMTs range from WG10 (WR284) to WG23 (WR22) and with a typical isolation of better than 40dB. They can be configured for left hand or Right hand circular polarisation.  Custom designs can also be accommodated. Please contact our sales team for details of our designs and to discuss your requirements. [...]

Loop Couplers

We offer standard devices for waveguide sizes ranging from WG10 to WG17 (WR284 to WR75) with coupling values from 25 to 70 dB. The coupling variation over band (CVOB) across the range is excellent with +/- 0.5 dB offered across all components. Port fitments range from standard cover flanges and SMA connectors to custom items. [...]

Rotary Joints

Supplying customers in the defence, aerospace and commercial communication sectors, many of our products can be found integrated within the weather radar systems of commercial airliners. Devices can be offered as single or multi-channel, with a selection of waveguide or coaxial connections and I-type, L-type or U-type geometrical layout. Sizes are offered from WG10 to WG22 [...]

Power Combiners & Dividers

Sylatech offers a range of power dividers and combiners suitable for use in many applications from large ground station radars to lightweight space devices. Specifically designed to suit end-fed slotted waveguide arrays, our precision designs can provide unequal power division at output ports. This feature enables specific weighting of the power coupled into the aperture [...]

Monopulse Comparators

With over 30 years of design expertise in monopulse comparators, our award winning designs place us at the forefront of global projects for naval, ground and airborne applications. Our catalogue of existing monopulse comparator designs for narrowband frequencies within WG12 (WR187) up to WG22 (WR28) provide excellent performance, with isolation typically between 30 and 35dB. [...]