Waveguide to Coaxial Transitions Sylatech’s waveguide to coaxial transitions are available in a variety of connector configurations. Our sizes range from WG6 to WG22 (WR975 to WR28) along with double-ridged, reduced height and end launch variants, with a range of connectors that include N type, extended range N type, SMA, extended range SMA, K and [...]

Pressure Windows

Sylatech’s pressure windows permit the sealing of waveguide components and assemblies when pressurization or inert gas filling is required. Covering a broad range of waveguide sizes from WG11 to WG22 (WR229 to WR28) at low power, our windows are available in all popular flange configurations and can also be adapted to suit custom designs if required. Low [...]


Sylatech is highly experienced in the production of flanges and a range of plain, choke and double-ridged flanges are readily available in aluminium or brass. The machined precision design of these critical components offers excellent performance. Flange sizes are available from WG10 to to WG22 (WR284 to WR28) while couplings are available from WG8 (WR430) and custom designs [...]

Waveguide Bends

Sylatech offers a range of light-weight waveguide bends and are available in E and H planes covering WG6  to WG25 (WR650 to WR15). Sockets, flanges or plain connectors are available in a variety of angles such as 90, 60, 45, and 30 degrees. Bends are available to meet US dimensions. Double-ridged designs are also available and our [...]


Sylatech’s ultra short twist allows the orientation of the waveguide to be rotated 90 degrees in an extremely short length.  Designed to be bolted between two waveguide flanges, they are considerably shorter than conventional twists and yet give comparable electrical performance. Waveguide twists are available in aluminium or copper alloys and standard designs can be [...]


Our waveguide tees can be integrated into our monopulse comparator products and are also incorporated into large assembly and sub assembly units. They come in a range of sizes from WG6 to WG22 (WR650 to WR28) each offering excellent VSWR across the selected band and are tuned to cover 10-15% of the full bandwidth. They [...]