Waveguide to Coaxial Transitions Sylatech’s waveguide to coaxial transitions are available in a variety of connector configurations. Our sizes [...]

Pressure Windows

Sylatech’s pressure windows permit the sealing of waveguide components and assemblies when pressurization or inert gas filling is required. Covering [...]


Sylatech is highly experienced in the production of flanges and a range of plain, choke and double-ridged flanges are readily [...]

Waveguide Bends

Sylatech offers a range of light-weight waveguide bends and are available in E and H planes covering WG6  to WG25 (WR650 [...]


Sylatech’s ultra short twist allows the orientation of the waveguide to be rotated 90 degrees in an extremely short length. [...]


Our waveguide tees can be integrated into our monopulse comparator products and are also incorporated into large assembly and sub [...]

Stub Tuners

Sylatech supply stub tuners for laboratory and advanced physics applications. We offer double and triple stub tuners and can also [...]

Feedhorns & Networks

Sylatech’s designs incorporate the latest in design technology to create feed horns for front-end parabolic antennas. Used in satellite communication applications, [...]


Sylatech’s crossguide couplers are suitable for applications requiring coupling across large bandwidths. We offer a range of standard devices for [...]


Our OMTs range from WG10 (WR284) to WG23 (WR22) and with a typical isolation of better than 40dB. They can [...]

Loop Couplers

We offer standard devices for waveguide sizes ranging from WG10 to WG17 (WR284 to WR75) with coupling values from 25 [...]

Rotary Joints

Supplying customers in the defence, aerospace and commercial communication sectors, many of our products can be found integrated within the weather [...]

Slotted Array Antenna

Our design engineers continue to develop precision engineering solutions to meet challenging customer requirements.  Our slotted array capability and reputation [...]