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As a business we committed to innovation that paves a way for our future success and growth.  

Our Approach


We recognise that greater success can be achieved through collaboration with partners. We regularly engage industry experts, business partners, universities and customers to help accelerate our innovations.

Two key development projects dominate our current innovation portfolio, one focused on utilising microwave technology in the recycling of plastics, and another which is firmly focussed on transforming the metal casting process and its industrial application.


Targeting a step change in the capability and quality of castings, our MeltX innovation is a world first. It delivers a digitally twinned, automated casting process, that removes oxides (bi-films) from aluminium in a continuous process, and delivers super clean aluminium for onward processing.

Applicable to the Aerospace, Defence, Space, Formula 1 and Automotive markets, the MeltX system drives significant component improvements for customers.

The sustainability benefits of the MeltX system are many and create an opportunity to re-introduce castings as the production method of choice for aluminum components.

Key features of the system include:

  • Enhanced metal properties of components with ductility consistently over 20%, which increases the service life of components

  • High volume throughput of castings (a 20Kg casting every 30-40 seconds)

  • Significant reduction of metal melted per casting and scrap reduced to less than 1%

  • Reduced energy running costs and labour running costs

  • Consistent A and B x-ray casting quality.

With MeltX as a manufacturer and closed-loop recycler, with unique financial and technical advantages, our in-house MeltX design team offers product design, simulation, and prototype/production parts.

The MeltX process will also be available for purchase, however subject to licence arrangements, by agreement.

For all enquiries, please contact: engineer@meltx.com


Reversys is a provider of next-gen pyrolysis technology, taking the plastics circular economy to new levels of efficiency.

Our goal is to mitigate the global issues of plastic pollution, resource depletion, and climate change, through the chemical recycling of plastic waste.

In collaboration with strategic partnerships throughout the supply chain, we aim to convert waste that would otherwise be incinerated, into useful intermediate chemicals, so that new material can be manufactured from the old.


Our aim is to exceed the capabilities of existing, nascent chemical recycling technology, using microwave energy to achieve pyrolysis, producing high quality pyrolysis oil at low marginal cost.

Building on a significant body of Research and Development, an initial proof-of-concept reactor was installed in 2020, and replaced with an alternative design in 2021, to establish improvements in effectiveness/efficiency. The process involves electromagnetic energy being generated in a magnetron and transmitted into a reactor where it heats plastic feedstock until it decomposes into a gas. The gas is then condensed to produce a liquid ‘pyrolysis oil’.

Relative to conventional combustion or electrical heating methods, microwave systems have a greater potential power density, enabling reaction conditions to be achieved rapidly, thus avoiding a thermal lag of heating of a large mass of plastic feedstock.

As a system based entirely on electrical energy rather than combustion of gas, the carbon intensity of our system is already low and will further reduce in line with the decarbonisation of the grid, via continued installation of renewable energy.

Our pyrolysis liquid generated from mixed and dirty film/flexible plastic has already been confirmed as suitable by a global petrochemical company.

Our Partners

Enva Ltd

A leading provider of recycling and resource solutions across the UK and Ireland, recovering >1m tonnes of non-hazardous waste materials p.a.

BioRenewables Development Centre (BDC) Ltd

A renowned open-access R&D bio-refinery centre, based at the University of York, working to convert waste into renewable products.


By providing a cost-efficient and scalable solution, Reversys is well positioned to address a growing market of enormous potential. Currently funded by Innovate UK, we are now looking ahead for further support to scale and commercialise this novel pyrolysis technology.

For further information relating to collaboration opportunities, please contact: grahamsellers@sylatech.com