Advanced Innovative Engineering – Investment Casting Success

Sylatech’s superior investment casting capability was key in Advanced Innovative Engineering‘s choice of manufacturing partner on its world-class 40S Wankel engine. With this model being the smallest in their product range, minimizing weight in order to maximize the power-to-weight ratio was key to AIE.

Sylatech’s unique lost-wax investment casting process afforded AIE a light-weight solution due to its ability to successfully cast thin wall sections. The elbow shape of the casting required Sylatech to apply its soluble wax core process. This enables difficult internal shapes to be cast whilst strongly capturing internal detail.

AIE were also impressed by the processes capability to reduce the number of machining operations and deliver a superior cosmetic finish. Nathan Bailey of AIE commented ‘Sylatech have really impressed in their ability to deliver a superior quality product to other manufacturing processes that we have previously employed”.

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