Antennas And Feeds

When you require precision engineering design services for antennas and feeds, you can rely on our microwave products here at Sylatech. Our design engineers deliver leading edge engineered solutions and will be able to meet your requirements, however demanding the specifications.

We have a superior reputation for our Slotted Array Antenna and Feeds manufacturing and boast a heritage of providing innovative designs, first class quality and fully tested products.

Typically, our antennas and feeds are manufactured using precision-machined or investment casting techniques and the components are often dip brazed and undergo heat treatment resulting in high-strength and lightweight assemblies.

The application of our designs includes missile, aircraft and surveillance systems incorporating low mass and low-profile feeds. 

Microwave Component Manufacturer

Our manufactured microwave components include waveguide feeds such as, tees, twists, waveguide bends or mitred bends, flanges, pressure windows and transitions.

Our microwave products have gained global recognition through the innovative design and manufacture of monopulse comparators, slotted array antenna, power combiners & dividers, loop couplers, rotary joints and stub turners.

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