CNC Machining and Investment Casting

Do you require precision CNC Machining or Investment Casting?

At Sylatech, we are committed to excellence, and we are always on hand to provide the custom engineering solutions that you require for your engineering project. Choose us if you require an advanced manufacturing service provider for the manufacture of precision-engineered metal components.

We’re extremely fortunate to have an in-house team of skilled programmers and operators who can undertake your CNC machining requirements. With our AS9100C certification, you can always rely on our expertise with CNC Machining for the aerospace sector. We also manufacture precision parts used in the automotive, aerospace, defence and medical industries.

We also have an investment casting foundry, manufacturing copper and aluminium alloy lost wax investment castings. Sylatech is a forward-thinking company, and we continue to develop our investment casting process to achieve the strict demands of our customers.

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