Investment Casting Foundry

Do you require the expert support from a manufacturing company that specialises in Investment Casting? Sylatech’s Investment Casting Foundry affords the ultimate flexibility for your manufacturing requirements. With over 50 years of investment casting process experience, Sylatech consistently achieves excellence in the manufacture of copper and aluminium alloy lost-wax investment castings. By designing for manufacture, our Lost Wax Investment Casting process provides flexibility in terms of the production of your components. It can reduce overall costs by combining a number of parts to reduce the part count and improve the integrity of the finished product. Our investment casting foundry is extremely popular for those clients looking for a manufacturing solution for their small or micro components. By combining 3D printing and investment casting, Sylatech’s casting process can produce components with a high-quality surface finish within a matter of days. The process is cost-effective for the manufacture of both small batches and large quantities. You can get started today by speaking to a member of our engineering team on 01751 432 355, or by sending a message to