Leading Manufacturers Of Waveguide Assemblies

At Sylatech we are widely known as one of the leading manufacturers of Waveguide Assemblies for the aerospace, defence, medical and space industries. Our key expertise revolves around the design and manufacture of Microwave Components and Assemblies. The Microwave products we provide to our clients have been carefully constructed to meet any challenging requirements set by the client, and because of this, we have gained global recognition in our ability to design and manufacture Microwave Assemblies and Components. Our design engineers constantly develop precision engineering solutions to meet our customer’s objective, so whether you require our Slotted Array Antenna, Monopulse Comparators, Loop Couplers, Rotary Joints, or Waveguide Bends, we guarantee leading Microwave products each time. We collaborate with customers to deliver innovative microwave based solutions to meet the challenges in numerous manufacturing sectors; these include military radar, civilian aerospace, sat comm and other satellite applications. Our core functions include our RF and Microwave manufacturing and design capabilities, along with developing advanced microwave-based solutions, CNC Machining and a Lost Wax Investment Casting Foundry. Please click here to read our previous article.