Manufacturer of Investment Castings

Do you require a trusted investment casting foundry? When you need components to be manufactured in metal, you can always rely on our capabilities here at Sylatech. By utilising our lost wax and CNC machining expertise, you can benefit from our market-leading process in the supply of precision parts.  At Sylatech, we can count a wide range of companies who have required any one of our services, for the manufacturing of aerospace castings, musical instrument parts, bionic metal parts, railway castings, medical components and rapid prototype parts to name just a few. We have been a leading supplier in our markets for more than 50 years and supply innovative solutions to clients across the world.  Customers choose Sylatech due to our casting expertise in the manufacture of their metal components and because we consistently deliver custom engineered solutions to match their requirements. You can contact us at any point if you have any queries about what we can offer, and you can use the Live Chat feature on our site to speak to an advisor.