Manufacturer Of Microwave Assemblies

Our team here at Sylatech Limited is regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of Microwave Assemblies and components for an array of industries; including Aerospace, Defence, Space, Sat Comm, Automotive & Transportation, Commercial Manufacturing, Medical, and Scientific & Research. We design and manufacture precision custom engineered solutions for our customers. From System Innovations, CNC Machining, RF & Microwave, to Lost Wax Investment Casting, we always achieve the highest standards to meet the our AS9100 quality certification. A pinnacle of our business is in our ability to manufacture Microwave Assemblies. We design and manufacture a wide selection of microwave components and assemblies, ranging from slotted array antenna, power combiners & power dividers, rotary joints, stub turners and various other microwave feeds. As a forward-thinking company, through our innovative use of microwave technology, we deliver revolutionary solutions for our customers. We have project developments spanning the globe in the defence, healthcare, recycling and food industries. With an exceptional team of design engineers, who have a strong appetite for innovation, we are confident that we can engineer a solution to meet your needs. Our microwave design team comprises mechanical, electrical and process engineers who offer significant expertise to meet all aspects of our customer’s requirements. Allow your innovations to run free with our team, get started today by filling out our contact form. Please click here to read our previous article.