Manufacturer Of Microwave Components

When you require a manufacturer of microwave components, you can always rely on our microwave products here at Sylatech. We deliver precision-engineered solutions of metal components and advanced microwave-based systems, including microwave assemblies and components. Our microwave components include waveguide feeds, tees, twists, waveguide bends or mitred bends, flanges, pressure windows and transitions. In terms of our microwave products, we have gained global recognition for our ability to design and manufacture monopulse comparators, slotted array antenna, power combiners & dividers, loop couplers, rotary joints, stub turners and various other microwave feeds. As well as our custom design experience of microwave components, we are also a noted for our investment casting foundry – having over 50 years of investment casting process experience, we achieve excellence in the manufacture of copper and aluminium alloy lost wax investment castings. We partner with customers to deliver innovative microwave based solutions to meet the challenges that a number of manufacturing sectors face. These can include military radar, civilian aerospace, sat comm and satellite applications. Find out more today by getting in touch today by calling us on 01751 432 355, or by sending a message to