Provider Of Aluminium LM31 Casting

Do you want to find an engineering partner of lost wax investment casting? Here at Sylatech we offer our customers a first class casting solution. We are a highly experienced provider of aluminium casting, and cast in a number of alloys including LM31 Casting and LM25 Casting. Our lost wax investment casting process achieves excellence in the production of aluminium alloy lost wax investment casting. All of our work is certified to AS9100C, and we offer a quality manufacturing capability with highly skilled staff and offer the latest technology which includes our 3D printing capability. We’re extremely specialist in thin-wall & lightweight parts and our process always delivers high-quality surface details and finish. We regularly cast LM31 which is a low silicon content aluminium (0.25%max). This gives it a unique property for a cast aluminium alloy of having good brazeability.  This material readily brazes to other LM31 castings or wrought aluminium such as 6061 or 6082. The low Si content also means that it anodizes to a better cosmetic standard than other cast grades although not as well as wrought material. Sylatech have worked with many clients over the years and have the pleasure of taking a customer’s concept and achieve reality in a concise and cost-effective manner. If you would like to find out more about Metal Specifications for Aluminium, please view our specification and mechanical property PDF.