Integration with Additive Manufacturing Techniques

Deciding on the most appropriate process for component manufacture is critical for designers and engineers. Through integration with additive manufacturing techniques, designers are often surprised by the capability of the lost wax investment casting process, to deliver a solution that often exceeds their expectations.

Why Use The Sylatech Lost-Wax Investment Casting Process

 Reduce overall costs by Designing for Manufacture:

  • Reduce time to market through the use of Rapid Prototyping technology
  • Simplify an assembly by combining a number of parts
  • Eliminate joining processes and reducing the part count whilst improving the integrity of the finished product
  • Obtain casting, machining, assembly and packaging from one source
  • Design flexibility, through quick modifications to tooling that costs 90% less than for a pressure die casting
  • High quality finish, detail and specification.

What The Sylatech Lost-Wax Investment Casting Process Can Deliver

  • Obtain cast metal prototype parts from concept within 5 days
  • Thin walls as fine as 0.2 mm (0.008‚Äù), typically 1-3 mm (0.04‚Äù ‚Äì 0.12‚Äù).
  • Light weight components, weighing as little as 1g can be produced using techniques to minimise material usage whilst retaining component integrity
  • Complex detail on internal and external features
  • Super-fine surfaces with 0.8 micrometres (32 micro inches) being the ‚Äúas cast‚Äù finish. Zero draft angle.

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