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Meeting the Prototyping Needs of the Automotive Sector


When a major UK automotive company approach Sylatech for a solution the pre-production build manufacture of a new electric car component, we were very keen to provide the necessary support.

The Challenge

The customer’s part was designed for a die-casting process, however with the tool taking several months to manufacture, the engineering team were under pressure to accelerate progress.

Due to project timescales slipping, there was an urgent need to provide an appropriate manufacturing solution that would quickly deliver physical components.

The Solution

  • Successfully produced an aluminium tool within just 11 days and delivered raw castings, for dimensional approval, within a further 3 days
  • Rapid prototyped and cast 6 parts, for use in a CNC machine set-up, thus enabling the customer to be fully prepared to machine parts when the castings came from the tool
  • Manufactured 3,000 components within 10 weeks.

Customer Feedback

  • The capability of Sylatech‚Äôs process, in readily mimicking the surface quality of a die-cast part, was of critical importance
  • The vacuum assisted pouring method of Sylatech‚Äôs foundry process, which delivers a high level of metal integrit, really impressed them
  • Having in-house CNC machining facilities helped confirm Sylatech as a good partner to deliver on our urgent requirement
  • The speed at which Sylatech reacted was impressive and really delighted our team.

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