Investment Casting

Sylatech’s lost-wax casting process

At Sylatech, our unique block moulding version of the lost-wax investment casting method, affords customers a process capable of producing thin wall and lightweight components. Working exclusively in the casting non-ferrous metals, our specialist process delivers small castings with a wall thickness as fine as 0.2 mm, and more typically 1-3 mm. Our rapid prototyping capability affords engineers a fast route to test their prototype designs in metal, within a few days.

Sylatech’s in-house tooling capability is integral for the production of tools, which are used in the creation of the wax patterns.  To facilitate the casting process, the gating system is incorporated within the design of the tool.

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Investment Casting

The plaster-based refractory materials used within Sylatech’s lost-wax casting manufacturing processes, are unable to sustain a high temperature, when the molten metal is poured, and this limits the process to the casting of non-ferrous metals only. This is unlike ceramic mold materials formed from a ceramic slurry which are used when creating stainless steel castings.

Whilst metal casting is commonly known as a process for producing a near net shape components, through Sylatech’s additional in-house CNC machining capability, we can ensure that all castings have exacting dimensional accuracy.  Sylatech’s manufacturing method, affords greater benefits to other investment casting processes, particularly die casting and sand casting, which cannot compete with the surface finishes, lightweight and fine tolerances achieved by our plaster based process.

Sylatech is certified to AS9100D and to Nadcap for Welding.

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