Sylatech’s foundry casting process achieves excellence in the production of copper and aluminium alloy lost wax investment castings.

  • Certified to AS9100.
  • Rapid prototyping in metal through 3D printing.
  • Specialists in thin-wall and lightweight parts.
  • Process delivers high quality surface details and finish.
  • Ideal for small or micro components.
  • Materials: Aluminium Casting (AB2), Silicon Brass Casting (MB1) and Manganese Bronze Casting (HTB1 & HTB3).

The lost wax investment casting process provides a fast and cost effective method for both small batches and large quantities up to 150,000 per year. Parts with complex internal and external detail, superior finishes and thin wall capabilities can be produced, without the need for machining from solid.

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The Sylatech Lost Wax Investment Casting Process
The Sylatech Lost Wax Investment Casting Process

Our process is capable of producing non-ferrous foundry castings with a wall thickness as fine as 0.2 mm, and more typically 1-3 mm. Our rapid prototyping capability affords engineers a fast route to test their prototype designs in metal within a few days.

Our specialist lost wax investment casting process affords us the ability to take a customer’s concept and achieve reality in a fast and cost-effective manner. By combining our non-ferrous investment casting technology with best practice CNC machining, Sylatech can overcome many of the constraints placed on engineering design whilst delivering the highest quality.

Sylatech Process Guide

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Metals Cast Tolerance
Aluminium Alloys +/- 0.1 per 20mm
Copper Alloys +/- 0.1 per 20mm

Sylatech Aluminium and Copper Specifications

Aluminium and Copper Specifications