Metal Specifications

Copper Alloy With Antimicrobial Properties

Some modern copper alloys have properties equal to, or better than the more commonly specified steels. In respect of corrosion resistance, copper, gunmetal or aluminium bronze is often superior to stainless steel, particularly in low oxygen environments. Certain high specification aluminium bronzes have an extremely high wear resistance and good anti-galling properties.

Sylatech’s copper alloys, MB1 and AB2, have significant antimicrobial properties and are highly effective in killing a broad range of bacteria, fungi and viruses and have been scientifically proven, by the University of Southampton, to kill the coronavirus within 10 minutes.  Such viruses can typically live on surfaces such as door handles, toilet levers, handrails, card/ATM machine buttons and light switches on stainless steel and plastic materials for up to 7 days.

Mechanical Properties

Metal UTS 0.2% Proof Elong BHN Density
  MPa KSI MPa KSI %    
Silicon Brass MB147931200132570/1008.5
Aluminium Bronze AB2640412501613140/1908.3
Manganese Bronze HTB14703017011181508.4
Manganese Bronze HTB37404840026111908.4
Die Casting Brass DCB3290199061560/708.4
Silver Bronze SB145030180115100/1308.7
MM Spec.BS1400FranceGermanyUSA
MB1---ASTM B584 & C87500
DCB3DCB3NF A 53-70369-

Silicon Brass-MB1

Our most commonly cast copper alloy. It offers high-wear and strong antimicrobial resistance,  particularly in well-lubricated conditions. Silicon aids fluidity during the casting process, increases the tensile strength by approximately 50% compared with normal copper-zinc alloys, and promotes resistance to dezincification. MB1 is a viable alternative to mild steel for many applications.

Aluminium Bronze-AB2

This alloy is noted for its corrosion resistance, good tensile strength, anD retention of its properties at higher temperatures. The oxide film which forms on the liquid material requires the use of relatively high cost pouring systems.

Manganeze Bronze-HTB3

A highly alloyed brass which offers higher tensile strength and loadings than MB1, but lower elongation. The tendency to produce zinc dross, when in the liquid state, leads to a lower surface finish than MB1.

Manganeze Bronze-HTB1

A medium strength alloy suitable for soldering. It offers good machineability.

Die Casting Brass-DCB3

A low strength material also suitable for soldering. It offers good machineability.

Silver Bronze SB1

This unusual silver coloured material is an alloy of copper/nickel/manganese, with high resistance to salt water corrosion and erosion. The alloy is difficult to handle and should only be specified in premium applications and after consultation.

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