Manual Tooling

Where volumes are unlikely to exceed 1000 off per annum, manual tooling will normally be used. Tooling cost is minimised without compromising on quality.

Automatic Tooling

This type of tooling is useful for parts where high quantities are needed. Automatic core operation and ejection of the wax from the die ensures rapid production and repeatability throughout the life of the part.

Multi-Part Coring

Internal features can be produced in manual tooling by using split cores. Complex parts of this type may run to quantities in excess of 5000 per annum.

Multi-Impression Tooling

Smaller items may be ordered in quantities from 50,000 per annum upwards. The use of automatic tooling with multiple impressions enables parts to be made quickly and economically, without sacrificing detail.

metal widget showing manual tooling
Manual tool
metal widget showing collapsible multi-part core
Collapsible multi-part core

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