As a Senior Mechanical Engineer, your primary focus will be to ensure that output from the Mechanical Engineering team, with regard to New Product Development, fully captures the requirements of the customer (with any exceptions being documented), and RF Design team whilst also ensuring that manufacturing information allows the device to be efficiently and effectively realized.

Key Areas of Responsibility:

As a Senior Mechanical Engineer, you will:

  • Provide mechanical design, model, and detailed drawings of components, sub-assemblies, and top-level assembly for the RF Microwave Assembly Department
  • Provide supporting documentation for the above such as BOMs, routing cards, process instructions
  • As Mechanical Authority, ensure engineering output meets the requirements of all stakeholders
  • Provide evidence of design verification via project Statement of Compliance
  • Capture method of product validation via project Statement of Compliance
  • Capture risk assessment and mitigation activities via project FMEA statement
  • Ensure internal procedures for New Product Developments, Change Control, Configuration Management, etc. are followed and demonstrated as such through an audit by QA, customer, or AS accreditation representatives
  • Ensure repeat business orders have the appropriate level of documentation for effective manufacture
  • Engage with subcontractors of key processes for NPD projects
  • Engage with customers and support the pursuit of new business
  • Provide pre-sales technical assistance, after-sales support services, and provide technical input as required
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