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Loop Couplers

At Sylatech, we offer standard loop coupler devices for waveguide sizes ranging from WG10 to WG17 (WR284 to WR75) with coupling values from 25 to 70 dB.

The coupling variation over band (CVOB) across the range is excellent with +/- 0.5 dB offered across all components. Port fitments range from standard cover flanges and SMA connectors to custom items. As a coupler manufacturer, we also offer the option of extended range N-type connectors and customized flanges.

Our standard loop coupler designs are a four-port device and we typically offer a screw on load for the unused port but can design for integrated loads. We have capabilities to produce ultra-short loop couplers if the envelope space is tight.

Recent products have been designed at Sylatech in copper and stainless steel working at 10MW peak power, 100 KW continuous, and in high radiation environments. These loop couplers are specially designed to limit environmental degradation, thus delivering a vastly superior lifetime performance. Through precision matching these couplers can also detect forward and reverse signals using only a single coupler.

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