4 05, 2021

Sylatech Capability Presentation


With a significant number of people working from home, video communication is gaining in popularity and provides viewers with a valuable company overview. This video gives an example of one approach that Sylatech is taking to demonstrate our microwave design/manufacture/test capability to both existing and potential new customers. [...]

Sylatech Capability Presentation2021-05-04T14:17:33+00:00
25 03, 2021

£700K of funded support to drive Sylatech’s transformational business growth


Sylatech, an engineering business based in Kirkbymoorside, has achieved success by being formally accepted as a beneficiary on to the leading aerospace transformation programme, Sharing in Growth. The scheme will provide Sylatech with an intense and comprehensive programme of training, coaching and development, tailored to its specific needs, [...]

£700K of funded support to drive Sylatech’s transformational business growth2021-03-30T10:02:57+00:00
20 01, 2021

PAPI Grant Support for Sylatech’s Latest Capital Investment


Thanks to the help of grant funding via the Product and Process Innovation (PAPI) scheme, delivered by the University of York, we are delighted to announce our investment in the purchase of a large-bed Mitutoyo CMM (co-ordinate measuring machine). This investment is enables a product [...]

PAPI Grant Support for Sylatech’s Latest Capital Investment2021-01-20T14:18:57+00:00
13 08, 2020

Sylatech’s MB1 copper alloy kills coronavirus within 10 minutes


Working with Sylatech’s MB1 copper-based alloy, a team of scientists at the University of Southampton have established significant results in the elimination of Covid-19 within 10 minutes.  These results demonstrate the alloys ability to reduce coronavirus transmission rates, via commonly touched surfaces, manufactured with this metal. Professor Bill [...]

Sylatech’s MB1 copper alloy kills coronavirus within 10 minutes2021-06-03T12:45:23+00:00
22 06, 2020

Enhanced Safety Through Antimicrobial Copper Alloys


The global pandemic has led businesses to search for opportunities to create safer products and working environments. Viruses and bacteria can live on plastic and metals for up to 72 hours, thus rendering touchable items and surfaces, a significant risk in the spreading of germs. Copper alloys such [...]

Enhanced Safety Through Antimicrobial Copper Alloys2020-06-29T11:52:06+00:00
11 05, 2020

BBC News – Sylatech launches the KeepSafe during Covid-19


With the world in the midst of a global pandemic, at Sylatech we have successfully implemented a pivot of our business by launching a new product outside our traditional Casting, RF/Microwave and Machining offering. Whilst witnessing dwindling orders in the foundry and machining side of our business (RF/Microwave [...]

BBC News – Sylatech launches the KeepSafe during Covid-192021-06-03T12:45:27+00:00
30 04, 2020

KeepSafe during Covid-19


At Sylatech we have announced the launch of a simple personal handheld device called the KeepSafe, which enables users to avoid touching handles, buttons or grabbing items unnecessarily. Whether you are in a hospital, shop, or even using a cash machine, the KeepSafe can be used as a [...]

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3 04, 2020

Supporting Supply Chain Challenges


With the outbreak of Covid-19 causing many manufacturing supply chains to fails, perhaps UK businesses will reassess the risk of buying from low-cost, overseas suppliers. Whilst UK manufacturers are often considered as not being cost-effective, perhaps future procurement decisions will take account of the wider benefits of buying [...]

Supporting Supply Chain Challenges2020-04-03T17:21:36+00:00
3 04, 2020

Covid-19 Response


Due to the uncertainty surrounding the impact of the coronavirus, we remain diligent and are continually monitoring the latest UK Government guidelines on the outbreak. We have implemented some key operational changes, with the aim of keeping our staff safe and ensure that we are able to maintain [...]

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3 04, 2020

Casting intricate connector parts


Sylatech's lost-wax casting process often surprises engineers, in terms of what can be achieved through this manufacturing method. The application of our process affords engineers several benefits and these include: Thin-wall, small or micro castings with a wall thickness as fine as 0.2mm Capable of producing lightweight [...]

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