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Power Combiners & Dividers

Sylatech offers a range of power dividers and combiners suitable for use in many applications from large ground station radars to lightweight space devices.

Specifically designed to suit end-fed slotted waveguide arrays, our precision designs can provide unequal power division at output ports. This feature enables specific weighting of the power coupled into the aperture rows.

The antenna weighting functions of Sylatech Power Dividers can be tailored to meet exacting customer requirements. Our designs also provide very high isolation between each port, which maximises the overall antenna sidelobe and gain performance.

Our highly skilled team of design engineers work with customers to meet often complex performance demands and can also provide a complete slotted array antenna design and manufacturing service.

Feature Rating
Frequency Range 9.0 to 9.5 GHz
– input port
– output port
1.2:1 maximum
1.2:1 maximum
Insertion Loss 0.2dB maximum
Amplitude Unbalance 0.2dB maximum
Output Port Relative Phase In-phase design
Output Port Isolation 20dB minimum
Waveguide Size WG16 (WR90)
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