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Waveguide Pressure Windows

Sylatech’s pressure windows permit the sealing of waveguide components and assemblies when pressurization or inert gas filling is required.

Covering a broad range of waveguide sizes from WG11 to WG22 (WR229 to WR28) at low power, our pressure windows are available in all popular flange configurations and can also be adapted to suit custom designs if required.

Low VSWR and insertion loss over the frequency band of operation ensures minimum degradation of the transmitted signal and thus permits the transmission of high-peak and mean power levels. The pressure window construction at Sylatech is from high grade PTFE composite with an electro-deposited copper layer.  This is soldered into the housing to produce a hermetically sealed and robust unit. The housing is made from brass with an electro-tinned finish, or aluminium with a silver finish.

Pressure windows can be supplied as an integral part of filter assemblies to form sealed gas-filled units for long-life service in harsh environments.

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