Quality – A Critical Element

When Pyser-SGI approached Sylatech for support in the production of their Francis Barker range of Liquid Prismatic Compasses, it was clear that quality was paramount.

Ranking among the world’s finest compasses, and with a long history of active use in armed forces globally, Liquid Prismatic Compasses remain a key part of today’s military equipment.

The overall quality of the castings, coupled with our ability to meet exacting dimensions, was critical to Psyer-SGI’s choice of supplier. Our AS9100C certification meant that Psyer-SGI were confident that we could meet the required standard.

The capability of the Sylatech investment casting process, to provide a superior surface finish, greatly impressed Pyser-SGI. After many years of production, it is testament to the strength of our ongoing customer/supplier relationship that we continue to work together on these products today.