Radar Design

Sylatech has extensive experience of supplying standard and custom designed waveguide components and assemblies for radar applications. Our waveguide and antenna products are installed into many UK and European ground, naval and airborne radar applications such as Synthetic Aperture Radar, Surveillance, Weather, and Fire Control. Sylatech has a wide range of waveguide radar capabilities and can supply components on a build-to-print basis, design and manufacture to customer specification or provide products from our extensive catalogue of legacy designs. Our radar components include:

  • Slotted flat plate and integrated array antennas
  • Monopulse comparators
  • Diplexers
  • OMTs
  • High-power Combiners and Dividers
  • Waveguide Assemblies including cast Waveguide Bends
  • Loads / Terminations
  • Rotary Joints

Where radar, antenna or waveguide repair services are required, our engineers and technicians have expertise with installation and maintenance experience and can also provide an on-site radar repair operational service.  Where obsolesce or damage issues exist, we can manufacture through CNC machining or investment casting custom replacement components to enable the operational life of your system to be maximised.

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