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Research & Innovation

With a growing portfolio of innovative system based developments, Sylatech is pushing the boundaries of microwave technology and delivering ground-breaking solutions for customers. With project developments spanning the globe across the defence, healthcare, plastics recycling and food industries, the diversity of our innovation portfolio is significant.  We have an exceptional team of design engineers with an unparalleled appetite for innovation.

Sylatech Microwave

Counter Gravity Innovation

Backed by grant funding from Innovate UK, Sylatech has developed an advanced Counter Gravity system that seeks to deliver ground breaking casting developments. The industry leading advancement will drive significant benefits to the Aerospace, Space and Defence sectors through the delivery of cast components which offer:

  • Significantly enhanced elongation
  • Increased strength
  • Reduced weight castings
  • Freedom from porosity
  • A viable alternative to other materials
Sylatech Plastics Recycling

Plastics Recycling

Microwave pyrolysis can be used to recycle waste plastics by recovering the long chain polymers and enabling them to be utilised in new products rather than discarding the plastic through incineration or landfill.  Our team is developing high power microwave generators required to revolutionise plastic recycling.

Sylatech Food Processing

Fast Food Vending

Working with a leading food manufacturer, our patented cavity design application enables the rapid cooking time of chips from frozen to be reduced by a factor of seven.

Sylatech Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging

Our partnership with the University of York is driving the development of a novel medical imaging system. The system is initially being targeted at understanding burn depth, which is a challenging issue when identifying the most appropriate treatment of a burn .  The temperature of damaged cells is higher than the surrounding healthy tissue and this temperature differential can be identified through passive microwave techniques.

Sylatech Rail Sector

Rail Travel Time Reduction

Through the application of microwave technology, our design engineers are leading a cutting edge project in the rail industry to improve the network reliability.

We anticipate, through track treatment innovation, that considerable problems experienced during the winter months can be mitigated by reducing the impact of “leaves on the line”.

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