RF/Microwave Design

Our RF Microwave engineering capability extends from electrical and mechanical product design, to microwave waveguide assembly and electrical testing, affording our customers a full end-to-end engineering service and product development process. We also offer a full build-to-print service of a customer’s own product designs, and our engineers will always offer their expertise and advice to contribute to the product  and strengthen customer designs.

Covering S, C, X, Ku and Ka bands to 40GHz, our microwave and RF engineering product design experience is significant across a wide range of microwave products and components, including the development of slotted array antennas and the construction of passive waveguide components, assemblies for radar front ends, battlefield radars and uneven power divider systems. Sylatech’s RF Microwave design and engineering services, can offer reduced cost and shortened lead time, whilst optimising performance.

In-house and Sub-contracted services

At our factory in Kirkbymoorside, we offer a range of in-house RF microwave engineering processes and treatments and work alongside a range of leading sub-contractors to enable us to deliver fully completed systems, sub-systems, and assemblies. These processes include:

In-house processes

Sylatech Chemical Treatment
  • Chromate Conversion – Alocrom 1200 which provides corrosion resistance to aluminium parts whilst providing an electrically conductive surface
  • Soft and silver soldering – different metal joining techniques can be used to suit the finished surface finish requirements
  • Flame/torch brazing – typically used in the joining of waveguide components
  • Aluminium welding – for joining larger waveguide parts
  • Electrical and leak testing – ensuring optimal performance of products
  • Painting – for protection or visual purposes

Sub-contracted processes

  • Dip/salt bath brazing – a specialist bonding process for joining larger components in a molten salt bath with a filler metal. The filler forms a strong metallic bond throughout the joined area
  • Range testing – providing extensive testing of slotted antennas and waveguide assemblies
  • RoHS compliant Surtec 650/650V – provides corrosion resistance
  • Plating – typically silver, gold, tin including selective plating
  • Heat Treatment – Suffixes to the material grade are used to denote the heat treatment carried out: UK and equivalent USA and EN suffixes are shown below:
Treatments UK USA EN
As cast/manufactured M F F
Solution heat treated and artificially age hardened TB7 T4 T4
Solution heat treated and artificially age hardened TE T5 T5
Artificially age hardened TF T6 T6

Sylatech's RF Microwave Capability

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