Rotary Joints

Our custom designed waveguide rotary joints can be offered as pressurised and non-pressurised, single or multi-channel, with a selection of waveguide or coaxial connections and I-type, L-type or U-type geometrical layout.

Sizes are offered from WG14 to WG22 (WR137 to WR28) with any combination of interfaces required by the customer.


A wealth of experience

Many of our rotary joints can be found integrated within the weather radar systems of commercial airliners.

We have designed rotating joints for long-life use, with dust seals and internal pressure seals. Our designs can operate at a wide temperature band and pressure band, as well as boasting very good rotating stability and a very good peak power handling. Our design team can also fulfil any custom design requirements to suit your system needs.

“Working with Collins for more than 30 years, Sylatech is a consistently high performing supplier who has helped us meet our continuing growth in the aerospace sector. They have an expertise in combining their cast metal components and assemblies, used in the building of rotary joints for civil aerospace radar products.”

Collins Aerospace - International Aerospace Prime


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