Sylatech’s antenna feedhorn designs incorporate the latest in design technology to create feedhorns for front-end parabolic antennas. Used in satellite communication applications, our products are well proven and adaptable. Our comprehensive range of antenna fees covers C, X, Ku and Ka bands.

  • Feedhorns are available in single and dual-bands with dual polarizations. Linear (V/H) or circular polarization (RHCP/LHCP) can be provided upon request.
  • Feedhorns can be provided with switchable polarizations, either right or left hand circular polarisation.
  • Corrugated choke rings can also be fitted to reduce ‘front to back’ radiation and provide a mounting surface.
  • Protection against airborne particles can be provided by a Kapton window sandwiched between the feed and choke ring.

We have catalogue designs available and custom designs can be readily accommodated.

GHz Part # WG / WR Description Return loss
5.40 – 5.90 VITRO504 WG12 / WR187 Feed Horn and Comparator Assy. 21.00dB min
7.90 – 8.40 FH15001 WG15 / WR112 Scalar Feed Horn 15.60dB min
7.25 – 8.40 FH15002 WG15 / WR112 Feed Horn, OMT & Polariser Assy. 15.60dB min
7.80 – 8.30 FH15003 WG15/ WR112 Scaler Feed Horn with Dielectric Polariser 14.72dB min
2.25 – 8.30 MCM15001 WG15 / WR112 Feed Horn (Channel 1 / S-Band 11.73dB min
8.025 – 8.40 MCM15001 WG15 / WR112 Feed Horn (Channel 2 / X-Band) 11.73 dB min
8.75 – 8.95 BEL531 WG16 / WR90 Feed Horn 10.88dB min
8.00 – 12.00 DMU501 WG16 / WR90 Feed Horn 15.00dB min
9.19 – 10.19 EMI515 WG16 / WR90 Feed Horn and OMT Assy 21.00dB min
12.40 – 18.00 FH18001 WG18 / WR62 Feed Horn 14.00dB min
15.50 – 17.50 FH19001 WG19 / WR51 Feed Horn 15.60dB min
27.35 – 28.50 TI525 WG22 / WR28 Feed Horn and OMT Assy 17.69dB min
2.20 – 2.30 MC22007 WG22 / WR28 S/Ka Feed Horn 9.54dB min
29.00 – 31.00 MC22008 WG22 / WR28 S/Ka Feed Horn 9.54dB min

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