Sylatech is an established supplier at all levels in the supply chain of the defence sector.

Our expertise includes the design and manufacture of passive waveguide components, slotted flat plate antennas, integrated antenna arrays, monopulse complex antenna feeds, custom power dividers/combiners and waveguide assemblies.

Our unique defence investment casting process can also deliver very thin-wall lightweight castings, typically used within communication or optical devices. Equally, strength and robustness can be achieved in castings often included within armed combat vehicles.

Our custom design waveguide products are used across the defence sector in naval, ground and airborne radar applications. We regularly supply critical RF/Microwave components and castings to a number of major defence programmes and have contracted directly with national defence bodies in the UK, USA and Europe. Typical manufacturers with whom we partner include Airbus, BAE, SAAB, Thales and Cobham.

Customers partner with Sylatech due to the flexibility in design that our processes afford engineers.

Our RF/Microwave products and components and defence investment casting manufacturing capability enables us to meet our customer‚ exacting standards

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