Sylatech is an established supplier at all levels in the supply chain of the defence sector.

Our expertise includes the design and manufacture of passive waveguide components, slotted flat plate antennas, integrated antenna arrays, monopulse complex antenna feeds, custom power dividers/combiners and waveguide assemblies.

We are a long established supplier to the Defence Sector

Our unique defence investment casting process can also deliver very thin-wall lightweight castings, typically used within communication or optical devices. Equally, strength and robustness can be achieved in castings often included within armed combat vehicles. 

Where required, our export team handle all aspects of obtaining the relevant export licences from the UK Government.  These are typically required for defence related projects.  



Antenna panel for surveillance application

“Sylatech demonstrated their commitment to help us move a large number of waveguide assemblies and components from an existing supplier, which we very successfully transitioned over an 18-month period.
Sylatech is a highly responsive supplier for both new and existing naval defence radar requirements, and also excels in providing solutions on technically challenging, legacy products, required for spares and repairs”.

Thales - Tier 1 Defence Contractor.


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The UK has the largest aerospace industry in Europe, second globally to the USA, and this market.


Sectors Our commercial manufacturing processes extend to a vast array of other commercial services and engineering businesses.


As a space technology qualified supplier, Sylatech has a strengthening heritage in this significant market sector.