Upper-Limb Prosthetics

Sylatech supports the continued growth of the upper-limb prosthetic market, as technological innovations and increased customisation enable broader accessibility. Greater functionality, user comfort, and affordability are driving improvements in the quality of life for individuals with upper-limb loss or impairment.  Our casting process supports through design flexibility, minimising weight, and cost reduction. 

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Project Information

A multi-part thumb designed by renowned prosthetic hand designer Ted Varley, for use by children who have lost a hand due to injury, congenital conditions, or for other medical reasons. This prosthetic should give the user an enhanced quality of life, help regain confidence, and increase their independence.


Prosthetic multi-part cast thumb


Medical prosthetic


A356 (AlSi9MgMn alloy)


Lost-wax, using 3D wax printing and plaster block investment casting

Casting weight

Comprises 7 parts with combined weight of 23.7g

The benefits

  • High level of detail and surface finish requiring no machining
  • Minimised casting weight, and maximised internal space for electronics
  • Wall thickness of 2mm for some cast elements, and a 1mm diameter of cast holes
  • Design flexibility enabled through the use of 3D wax printing
  • Reduced lead time, and samples provided within 3 weeks, including heat treatment
  • Significant cost savings achieved, compared with alternative production processes.

Prosthetic Component Examples


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The UK has the largest aerospace industry in Europe, second globally to the USA, and this market.


Sylatech is an established supplier at all levels in the supply chain of the defence sector.


As a space technology qualified supplier, Sylatech has a strengthening heritage in this significant market sector.

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