As a space technology qualified supplier, Sylatech has a strengthening heritage in this significant market sector which is an area of major growth for our business.

Our AS9100 certification demonstrates the stringent quality controls within our processes which are a pre-requisite for working within the space technology industry.

Space-qualified waveguide component examples

  • Lightweight, thin wall custom and standard waveguide miter bends
  • Half height, lightweight, thin wall waveguide assemblies
  • Slotted SAR antennas and assemblies
  • Silver-plated waveguides
  • Test chamber components, high temperature and vacuum.

Waveguide Assembly

Working closely with Airbus

We have delivered RF/Microwave Satellite Components for the SES12 satellite, and INET/ONET devices for the Ku/Ka-band MPAs on the Eutelsat 172B satellite.

Our thin wall miter waveguide bends are lightweight and ideal for waveguide assemblies used in LEO mini satellites.

Sylatech RF/Microwave products are designed into many space programmes globally.


Core Sectors


The UK has the largest aerospace industry in Europe, second globally to the USA, and this market.


Sectors Our commercial manufacturing processes extend to a vast array of other commercial services and engineering businesses.


Sylatech is an established supplier at all levels in the supply chain of the defence sector.