Railway Catenary

Sylatech has been active in the catenary sector for 40 years. Over that time we have manufactured for a range of customers including Balfour Beatty, AUS and Wabtec.

Keeping the rail network on the move

AB2 is typically selected as the preferred material, which is corrosion resistant, sustainable and recyclable.  For new component designs, Sylatech can combine its traditional casting approach with additive manufacturing to provide samples within a short time period.


Railway Catenary


Overhead railway electrification




Lost-wax, utilising aluminium tooling, and plaster block investment casting

Casting weight

Typical catenary components ranging in weight from 30g to 120g

Overhead Catenary Component

The benefits

  • Design flexibility enabled by using 3D wax printing
  • Reduced lead time, and samples provided within 3 weeks, including machining
  • Significant cost savings achieved, compared with alternative production processes
  • Good resistance to wear, and longer lasting than steel
  • High level of detail and surface finish.

Railway Catenary Components


Core Sectors


The UK has the largest aerospace industry in Europe, second globally to the USA, and this market.


Sylatech is an established supplier at all levels in the supply chain of the defence sector.


As a space technology qualified supplier, Sylatech has a strengthening heritage in this significant market sector.

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