Additive Manufacturing

Sylatech uses 3D printing to produce sample metal prototype parts for its customers, allowing them to test their designs without having to invest in tooling ahead of investment casting. This yields significant time and cost savings as fewer tooling modifications are necessary.

Delivering high accuracy additive components with ultra-fine detail

Sylatech makes extensive use of additive manufacturing in the production of both prototype and low-volume production metal parts for its customers.  Our technical team challenge perceived manufacturing design limitations and demonstrate how Sylatech’s additive process delivers complex geometric parts, in production volumes. 

Our extensive additive suite investment enables the creation of 3-dimensional parts through an additive, layer-by-layer build process. Due to the way the material is added by a precise computer-guided applicator, the technique is often referred to as 3D printing.

Additive Manufacturing

Our Solution

Working with STL or STP models, we can deliver a physical metal investment cast prototype part to our customers within 72 hours. This affords designers and engineers the ability to test their designs and validate design fit, without having to invest in tooling ahead of investment casting where applicable.   This yields significant time and cost savings as fewer tooling modifications are necessary. 

Our 3D prototyping capability, coupled with our investment casting process, delivers high accuracy castings with ultra-fine detail and smooth surface finish. Additive manufactured components can also be CNC machined as required.

3D Printing

Our Solution

Sylatech offers its customers a cost-effective rapid prototyping solution. Whereas the tooling process would take about 3-4 weeks to complete, a 3D print can be undertaken within a matter of hours. The 3D printing process is popular with Sylatech’s customers due to the flexibility that it affords in the product design lifecycle. Thanks to 3D printing, engineers can now have their designs transformed into a metal part within a number of hours.

3D Printing

The Benefits

  • Complex geometric parts, in production volumes
  • Flexibility in the product design lifecycle
  • Time and cost savings
  • Accelerated placement of tooling orders
  • Reduced level of tooling modifications

By 3D printing prototypes, customers have seen the requirement for tool modifications fall to less than 5%. Customers have an accelerated placement of tooling orders for production and a reduced level of tooling modifications.

As Sylatech drives its process capability to new dimensions, be prepared to be amazed by the precision engineering art of the possible.  Contact us today with your component requirements. 

"We can use a 3D printed model for the creation of sample parts directly in our foundry process, without having to invest in tooling to create wax patterns. Through 3D printing we can significantly speed up our sampling process – clients can now get a prototype metal part in just five days!"

Gordon Gunn, Commercial Director at Sylatech


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