We offer a range of in-house engineering processes and treatments, and also work alongside a range of leading sub-contractors, to enable us to deliver fully completed systems, sub-systems, and assemblies.


Extended Manufacturing Capability

In-house processes:

  • Chromate Conversion – Alocrom 1200 which provides corrosion resistance to aluminium parts, whilst providing an electrically conductive surface
  • RoHS compliant Surtec 650 – provides corrosion resistance
  • Soft and silver soldering – different metal joining techniques can be used to suit the finished surface finish requirements
  • Torch brazing – typically used in the joining of waveguide components
  • Aluminium welding – for joining larger waveguide parts
  • Electrical and leak testing – ensuring optimal performance of products
  • Painting – for protection or visual purposes.

Sub-contracted processes:

  • Dip/salt bath brazing – a specialist bonding process for joining larger components in a molten salt bath with a filler metal. The filler forms a strong metallic bond throughout the joined area
  • Plating – typically silver, gold and tin, including selective plating
  • Heat Treatment – can be applied to harden components
  • Anodising – for protective purposes
    Hipping – used to improve the mechanical properties
  • Impregnation – where pressure tightness is essential
  • Powder Coating – for protection or visual purposes.


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