Sub-Contract Services

Typically Sylatech customers want to receive their components or systems fully finished and/or assembled prior to delivery to their premises. In order to meet this requirement, Sylatech has long established relationships with a number of service providers offering a range of specialist testing and finishing capabilities.

Sylatech takes full responsibility for the handling and management of customer’s parts through our sub-contractors and this provides our customers a one-stop supplier for the delivery of their finished parts.

Together with offering a range of NDT services, typical surface treatments undertaken by our sub-contractors include:


For protective purposes anodising can be carried out on aluminium alloy castings but cast alloys do not readily accept decorative anodised finishes due to the silicon content.


A variety of plating finishes can be applied to most alloys including chrome and nickel.

HiPping (Hot Isostatic Processing)

Is used to improve the mechanical properties of aluminium castings by sealing internal voids.


Can be carried out on “as cast” or machined parts where pressure tightness is essential.

Painting/Powder Coating

For protection or visual purposes.

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In-House Special Processes

In order to meet with the demands of our customers, Sylatech has developed capability in a range of special processes:

Alocrom 1200 / Chromate Conversion

Our processes provide corrosion resistance to aluminium parts whilst providing an electrically conductive surface. Where Surtec 650 RoHS compliance is required we use approved sub-contractors.


Sylatech’s in-house painting facility incorporates a fully enclosed spray booth and curing oven. All components are prepared on site which includes masking, cleaning and other pre-treatment processes.


Our range of special processes also extends to include welding, torch brazing, heat treatment, dye penetrant testing and electrical testing. Customer requirements for additional processes are assessed on a case by case basis.

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