BBC News – Sylatech launches the KeepSafe during Covid-19

May 11, 2020

With the world in the midst of a global pandemic, at Sylatech we have successfully implemented a pivot of our business by launching a new product outside our traditional Casting, RF/Microwave and Machining offering.

Whilst witnessing dwindling orders in the foundry and machining side of our business (RF/Microwave orders remain strong) and having to put a number of staff on furlough, the management team have implemented an alternate strategy and designed a new product of particular relevance to the coronavirus.

At Sylatech we have known for many years, that copper and copper-based alloys, have antimicrobial properties and it is therefore highly effective in killing a broad range of bacteria and fungi, and viruses.

By capitalising on this knowledge and utilising our manufacturing expertise, a team of our engineers stepped away from their usual projects to develop a new product called the KeepSafe.

The KeepSafe is a simple personal handheld device, which enables users to avoid touching handles, buttons or grabbing items unnecessarily. Whether you are in a hospital, shop, or even using a cash machine, the KeepSafe can be used as a simple hooking, pushing or finger mechanism.

The challenge facing care workers in the NHS inspired the team at Sylatech to get involved and it is our ambition to donate 20,000 KeepSafe’s to the NHS and key workers in its home county of North Yorkshire.

Our aim for the KeepSafe is simple, to help limit the spread of Covid-19 and to reduce your potential exposure to coronavirus. It has good application use with door handles, light switches, toilet levers, taps and more. The KeepSafe is not a substitute for regular and thorough handwashing, but an extra weapon in the fight against this invisible enemy.

Our new product development pivot won support from the York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub. Andrew Raby, the Growth Hub Manager, said: “We’re keen to support this project because the product helps to protect frontline staff against the coronavirus threat, as well as potentially securing manufacturing jobs and enabling good growth for the business”.

We have already received strong orders both domestically and internationally from businesses that are actively working on plans for keeping their staff safe upon returning to work. Company branded KeepSafes are proving to be particularly popular with business customers in the USA.

You can purchase the KeepSafe using the link below:

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