Sylatech’s Design Guide for the Casting Process

Sylatech’s Design Guide for the Casting Process; is our highly valued Guide for design engineers who want a good casting. Sylatech’s foundry process specialises in high-purity, high-performance aluminium alloys including the popular A356 and A357. AB2 and the alloy LM31, are often cast for their brazeable properties and their naturally hardening behaviour. This avoids the necessity of the common solution and quench treatment, which is damaging to dimensional accuracy. 
To meet the demands of our customers, we have also recently added two additional alloys, L78 and C355 to our offering. These alloys are often used in aerospace for impellers and housings. C355 is known for retaining its strength properties at temperatures exceeding the performance of A356.
We offer a rapid, cast prototyping service, affording designers and engineers the ability to receive actual components to test and validate within 72 hours.   Our engineering team is on hand to support the design, engineering, and manufacture of your project requirements, to help bring your project to reality in minimum time.  Contact our engineering team at or +44 (0)1751 432 355.

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