The KeepSafe: Engineering a device to limit the spread of Covid-19

December 1, 2021

During the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, it quickly became apparent that the aerospace industry, was going to be heavily impacted by the outbreak of the virus. Like most businesses within the aerospace supply chain, Sylatech soon began to experience a reduction in the demand for its aerospace components and assemblies.

With this in mind and having a desire to undertake positive action surrounding the pandemic, a team of engineers at Sylatech, stepped away from their usual projects, and focussed on a new challenge of particular relevance during the troubling times.

The KeepSafe: Antimicrobial Hand Tool

Armed with our knowledge, that copper-based alloys, have strong anti-microbial properties, the team at Sylatech launched a simple, personal handheld device called the KeepSafe. The KeepSafe, enabled the user to avoid touching handles, buttons or grabbing items unnecessarily. Whether in a hospital, shop, or even using a cash machine, it could be used as a simple hooking, pushing or finger mechanism.

Working with Sylatech’s MB1 copper-based alloy, in which the KeepSafe was manufactured, a team of scientists at the University of Southampton established significant results in the elimination of Covid-19, within 10 minutes on this alloy. These results demonstrated the alloys ability to reduce Coronavirus transmission rates, via commonly touched surfaces, with products manufactured using this metal.

The KeepSafe, whilst in demand during the early stages of the pandemic, when the use of hand sanitiser and the wearing of masks became commonplace, the KeepSafe was withdrawn from sale in November 2021.

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