Waveguide Bends & Flanges

Sylatech offers a range of light-weight waveguide miter bends and is available in E and H planes covering WG6 to WG25 (WR650 to WR15). Sockets, flanges or plain connectors are available in a variety of angles such as 90, 60, 45, and 30 degrees. Bends are available to meet US dimensions. Double-ridged designs are also available and our range of half-height and light-weight miter bends enhance our offering.

GHz Part # WG Description VSWR Max. Flange
2.00 – 4.80 DRA201 WRD200 SMA Female 1.25 MIL F (39000 3B)
3.50 – 8.20 DRA351 WRD350 SMA Female 1.25 MIL F (39000 3B)
4.75 – 11.00 DRA471 WRD475 SMA Female 1.25 MIL F (39000 3B)
6.50 – 18.00 DRA651 WRD650 N Female 1.25 MIL F (39000 3B)
7.50 – 18.00 DRA751 WRD750 SMA Female 1.2 MIL F (39000 3B)
7.50 – 18.00 DRA752 WRD750 TNC Female 1.2 MIL F (39000 3B)
7.50 – 18.00 DRA753 WRD750 SMA Male 1.2 MIL F (39000 3B)
7.50 – 18.00 DRA755 WRD750 N Female 1.3 MIL F (39000 3B)
7.50 – 18.00 DRA75001 WRD750 to WRS750 Taper Transition
18.00 – 40.00 DRA181/A WRD180 K Female 1.25 MIL F (39000 3B)

Our thin-wall cast waveguide miter bends offer excellent predictable performance and are often used in applications intended for the space market. We hold a range of stock available for immediate shipment and custom designs can readily be manufactured on request.


Sylatech is highly experienced in the production of flanges and a range of plain, choke and double-ridged flanges are readily available in aluminium or brass. The machined precision design of these critical components offers excellent performance.

Flange sizes are available from WG10 to WG22 (WR284 to WR28) while couplings are available from WG8 (WR430) and custom designs can be fully accommodated.

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