Waveguide Cast Bends

Sylatech offers a range of light-weight waveguide miter bends and is available in E and H planes covering WR650 to WR22. Sockets, flanges or plain connectors are available in a variety of angles such as 90, 60, 45, and 30 degrees. Bends are available to meet US dimensions. Double-ridged designs are also available and our range of half-height and lightweight miter bends enhance our offering.


Precision thin-wall, lightweight cast bends

Sylatech’s lost wax investment process is ideally suited to produce brass and aluminium alloy castings for high frequency waveguide applications. Typical uses for Sylatech’s standard and custom lightweight miter bends and includes a wide range of waveguide assemblies and microwave components. This includes monopulse comparators, slotted antennas,
and power combiners which are often used in the aerospace and defence markets.

The lost wax investment casting process provides a fast and cost-effective method for both small batches and large quantities. Sylatech can provide waveguide sizes from stock, with immediate delivery ranging from WR650 up to WR22. We can also provide custom waveguide bends.

Benefits of Sylatech’s cast waveguide bend process

  • Thin-wall, small or micro castings with a wall thickness as fine as 0.2mm
  • 90, 60, 45, and 30 degree bends available
  • High quality surface details and finish
  • Rapid prototyping of cast bends
  • In-house CNC machining and low cost tooling also available

“Quasar are very happy to recommend Sylatech for the supply of waveguide cast bends. Sylatech are very good to deal with and the quality of product supplied is excellent, both in terms of mechanical consistency and RF performance”.

Quasar Microwave Technology - A leading UK supplier of passive waveguide components


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