Waveguide Components

Our capability extends to the design and manufacture of a wide range of passive microwave, waveguide components to 40GHz, typically used in the manufacture of sub-systems for defence, aerospace and satellite communications applications.


Waveguide Mitre Bends

Investment cast, light-weight waveguide bends and flanges, are manufactured in aluminium or copper alloys. Commonly these are E and H planes, covering WR650 to WR15.

Loop Couplers

Custom design of loop couplers for waveguide sizes ranging from WR650 to WR75 with coupling values from 25 to 70dB.

Crossguide Couplers

We offer a range of standard devices for waveguide sizes ranging from WG10 to WG23 (WR284 to WR22). Typical designs have coupling values of 30dB or 40dB.


Directional Couplers

A standard range of devices for waveguide sizes WG14 to WG23 (WR137 to WR22) are available. We also offer double-ridge products on request. Coupling values from 10dB to 50dB can be realised with good directivity and a typical mainline VSWR of 1.1:1

Loads and Terminations

Typically, WR284 to WR28 with power handling up to 200 watts.

Stub Tuners

For laboratory and advanced physics applications. Our designs have included double and triple stub tuners with high precision motor control.

Orthomode Transducers

OMTs Ranging from WR284 to WR22 and with a typical isolation of better than 40dB.

“When we needed a new Slotted Antenna Array for our airborne radar system, Sylatech provided a comprehensive design service. Backed up by their in-house manufacturing capability, they delivered the antenna project on-time which helped us keep on track in meeting our customers’ requirements. Sylatech’s adoption of APQP and PPAP principles in their NPI process helped satisfy our FAIR requirements in an efficient and timely manner”.

Honeywell - A leading global aerospace company.


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