• Slotted Array Antenna

Slotted Array Antenna

Our design engineers continue to develop precision engineering solutions to meet challenging customer requirements.  Our slotted array antenna capability and reputation continues to grow with the majority of Tier 1 primes.

Sylatech boasts a proud heritage of providing high quality, fully tested waveguide arrays to meet exacting customer specifications through the application of innovative production methods. Slotted array antennas are typically manufactured from precision-machined aluminium components and dip brazed, resulting in a high-strength, lightweight assembly.

Our innovative designs have been applied to missile, aircraft and surveillance systems incorporating low mass and low profile feeds, including designs that are man portable.

For Radar antennas with four or more inputs, Sylatech offers customised monopulse comparator designs to interface with the waveguide array as required.

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This lightweight slotted array antenna is a resonant antenna device designed to pick out a very limited bandwidth with a very narrow beam width. The design focusses on producing the highest signal gain whilst achieving the lowest weight possible. Gain is proportional to physical size and if space is at a premium then a monopulse comparator system feed network can be integrated into the rear of the slotted array antenna. Typical applications for this device include weather radars and security scanning technologies.

Typical Specification

Frequency Range 9350MHz ±50MHz
Polarisation Linear
3dB Beamwidth 10 degrees max
Sidelobes 25dB min
Return loss 14.0dB min
Circular Size 254mm diameter



This lightweight, slotted array antenna is designed for security scanning applications in public places. It’s compact monopulse comparator is fixed to the rear, giving a very low profile with excellent performance.

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Typical Specification

Frequency (Passband) 35.02 to 35.42 GHz
Gain 33dB min
Beamwidth 3° min
Sidelobes 25dB min
Isolation Sum to EL, Sum to AZ 30dB min
Null Depths (Diff Patterns) 30dB min
Diff Pattern Amp Unbalance 0.8dB max
Return Loss (SUM) 16.71 dB min
Return Loss (DIFF) 13.03 dB min